An introduction to workplace safety and health

A free course consisting of 6 lessons in workplace safety and health. The following lessons are presented: 1. Hazards in the workplace, 2. Measuring Risk, 3. Controlling Risk, 4. Safety Statement, 5. Reporting Accidents and Incidents, and 6. Responsibility. The course is developed towards young people (post primary education) to introduce them into the health […]

Manual Material Handling / Manipulación Manual de Cargas

A bilingual (Spanish and English) training module for employers with Hispanic workers. The goal is to increase the awareness that material handling is the cause of a large number of injuries and illnesses. It is learned to identify the most common unsafe material handling practices leading to the injuries and illnesses. The module gives also […]

Ergonomics essentials

This course gives insight into the relation between the working human and his/her workplace, tools, handling of materials, and environment. It will deal with all those aspects that make work easier, more healthy and efficient, if applied in the right way. It will bring understanding why physical work may parallel a risk for health, especially […]

Work improvement in neighbourhood development (WIND)

Agriculture is one of the most hazardous sectors of work. Safety and health risks are numerous and diverse: manual handling of heavy materials and loads, strenuous work postures, long and irregular working hours, exposure to extreme weather conditions, pesticides and other agro-chemicals. Further, basic amenities for sanitation and welfare are frequently absent. All of these […]

Wind of change

This video of almost 13 minutes illustrates the incentives of the ILO Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development programmes (WIND). With the examples obtained from three countries (Viet Nam, Kyrgyzstan, Senegal), the video shows improvements in working and private living conditions after having adopted the WIND approach. WIND builds on 3 elements: (1) the support for […]