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Wind of change

This video of almost 13 minutes illustrates the incentives of the ILO Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development programmes (WIND). With the examples obtained from three countries (Viet Nam, Kyrgyzstan, Senegal), the video shows improvements in working and private living conditions after having adopted the WIND approach. WIND builds on 3 elements: (1) the support for the approach by the government and relevant partner organizations, (2) establishment of networks for effective implementation, and (3) encouragement of the participation of the local community. The initial education of the local community is done by WIND trainers, using picture books and checklists. Continuous implementation and change in attitude and behavior is done by the community itself.

The video can be seen as an introduction to the handbook for implementation of the WIND programme. The handbook can be downloaded from the website (see the Comments block below for a direct link).


English, French, Spanish

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Not indicated

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International Labour Organization (ILO), Unit: Communication and Public Information, Geneva.

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Free of charge


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Workers or managers; or in vocational training

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Has to be studied

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13 minutes


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