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Work improvement in neighbourhood development (WIND)

Agriculture is one of the most hazardous sectors of work. Safety and health risks are numerous and diverse: manual handling of heavy materials and loads, strenuous work postures, long and irregular working hours, exposure to extreme weather conditions, pesticides and other agro-chemicals. Further, basic amenities for sanitation and welfare are frequently absent.

All of these hazards are increased because of the fact that in agriculture the “workplace” includes the family dwelling. Tools, fertilizers and pesticides are often stocked in farmers’ houses, increasing the risk exposure of all family members, especially children.

This WIND training handbook is designed to assist farmers in implementing improvements. There is an action-checklist as a powerful tool to help farmers find possible points for improvement in their way of living and working. There are given various solutions coming from earlier experiences of many WIND countries that are simple, inexpensive and therefore applicable, even on small farms.

It is advised that the handbook is used by the farmer, his/her family and their neighbours. In this way, practical experiences and ideas how to solve comparable problems are shared.

Also a video is available, which can be used as an introduction to the handbook for implementation of the WIND programme. The video can be seen from the website (see the Comments block below for a direct link).



Original Authors:

Tsuyoshi Kawakami, Ton That Kai, Kazutaka Kogi

Original affiliation, ownership:

ILO Subregional Office for East Asia, Bangkok, Thailand; Centre for Occupational Health and Environment, Can Tho city, Vietnam; Institute for Science of Labour, Kawasaki, Japan

Year of publication:


Charge for use or free:

Free of charge


Target group(s):

Workers or managers; or in vocational training

Usefulness for non-OSH-expert professionals:

Has to be studied

Time demand to complete the lesson or course:

Several hours to days


Direct link to Wind of Change:–en/index.htm

Intellectual property and copyright:

Before downloading, changing, disseminating and/or using the lessons and courses, please look carefully at the conditions given by the authors or owners of the materials related to copyright or creative common conditions or other conditions for the downloading, changing, further dissemination and kind of use of the materials (non-commercial vs. commercial).

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