Virtual Patients: Ergonomics III, Work environment (physical)

This Virtual Patients lesson is relevant for medical students and professionals working in health care. The learning objectives of this lesson are the ability to identify the importance of a healthy workplace environment, to depict 5 or more main components of a healthy working environment, to list 4 major environmental factors in the workplace, to […]

Virtual Patients: Occupational accident international

This Virtual Patients lesson is relevant for medical students and professionals working in health care. In this lesson, you are welcome in the Workers hospital in Santiago de Chile. You will learn how Mr. Valdez suffers from a severe occupational accident, and how he is treated. An international team of doctors consists of a head […]

Virtual Patients: Work accident due by alcohol

This Virtual Patients lesson is relevant for medical students and professionals working in health care. In this lesson,  we will talk onwards about alcoholism, work and accidents. We visit the Austria House, The Clinic of Politraumatisms, Burns and Plastic Surgery, in Romania. Can you characterize “chronic classic alcoholism”, alcohol metabolism, and alcohol effects on health? […]

Virtual Patients: A Needle Stick Injury

This Virtual Patients lesson is relevant for medical students and professionals working in health care. In this lesson, a junior doctor who works on an internal medicine ward is challenged to diagnose a patient with complaints like weight loss, tiredness, poor appetite, and pain in the legs and arms. During the process of diagnosing the […]

Virtual Patients: Ergnomics Case IX – Mistake

In this virtual patient lesson, the situation of a pilot of an international airline stands central. In the aviation industry, which is a high reliability organization, themes like human error, crew resource- and risk management are important. During this lesson, the pilot is flying from Zurich to Johannesburg. Of course, the pilot and his crew […]

Safety, health and welfare on construction sites. A training manual

This manual instructs a desirable behavior in relation to safety, health and welfare conditions on construction sites. It teaches possible solutions to the problems that one may encounter. It covers many aspects of the work on construction sites, such as: safety organization and management, site planning and layout, excavations, scaffolding and use of ladders, hazardous […]

Ergonomic checkpoints in agriculture

A handbook meant to teach and implement practical actions in rural and agricultural settings to help reduce work-related accidents and illness, improve living conditions and increase productivity. In the book, basic ergonomic principles are applied to achieve typical practical improvements in agricultural and rural settings, particularly in developing countries. The book covers on the following […]

Thermal Environment

This course provides students with a sound understanding of the effects of the thermal environment on people. The physiology of thermoregulation and the effects of extreme temperatures (heat and cold) is explained. Furthermore, it explains the methods available for performing a thermal survey and assessing the degree of risk. Finally, the possible means of controlling […]

Orientation on Health and Safety for New Agricultural Workers

This interactive lesson teaches about safety behavior, legislation and recognition of job-related hazards. Furthermore, the lesson is a guide in hazards that are common in the broad range of agricultural work, including working alone, violence, working with chemicals, slips and falls, lifting by hand, machinery and equipment, confined spaces, electricity, and handling animals. The lesson […]

Health, Safety and Environment: A Series of Trade Union Education Manuals for Agricultural Workers

This material consists of a series of training manuals, made for educators of agricultural workers to tackle their health, safety and environmental problems. The manuals do not generally consist of ready-to-use material, but need adaptation (e.g. restriction of the topics, translation into local language, integration of local regulations, usage of examples that meet the participants’ […]

Farmwise. Your essential guide to health and safety in agriculture

A booklet that helps identifying the causes of injuries and ill health. It will also help eliminating hazards and controlling risks. The booklet is divided into three parts: the first part covers managing health and safety and is primarily aimed at those responsible for running the farming or horticultural business (partners, directors and sole traders). […]