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  1. Use the predefined search terms that are organized in four groups of categories: Risks at work, Sectors of industry, Diseases and Other topics. In each group you can find many categories, the group Risks at work you can find Chemical factors.
  2. Start searching in one category, e.g. in Chemical factors. If you do not find what you want, start a new search and click on another category e.g. Personal Protective Equipment. Or click on the category “More than 2 risks” (respectively more than 2 diseases, sectors, topics), when the subject of the lesson might be overarching many specific categories.
  3. Put a tag at the headings of all four groups of categories if you want to see all lessons and courses in the library.

You are mainly interested in Ergonomical risks.

You put a tag at Ergonomical risks
When you do no find an appropriate lesson or course, search in an associated category as Musculoskeletal disorders.
Or try the category More than 2 risks including comprehensive lessons and courses. Such materials may contain a chapter on ergonomical risks.
Under Other topics you may find ergonomic risk assessment tools in Domains, instruments and tools for OSH.

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