Category - Biological

inclusive bacteria, fungi, endotoxins, mycotoxins, volatile organic compounds, particles of plant or animal origin, parasites

Biological Diseases (ICD-10) Healthcare & Social Assistance Infectious, Blood & Immune diseases Personal protective equipment Public Safety Risks at work Sector of Industry (NACE)

Bloodborne Pathogens (Biological Hazards) | Patógenos de la Sangre (Riesgos Biológicos)

A bilingual (Spanish and English) training module for employers with Hispanic workers, also to be used for English speaking workers. The goal is to learn about the hazards associated with human blood and what employer...

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing Biological Chemical Diseases (ICD-10) Manufacturing Respiratory diseases Risks at work Sector of Industry (NACE)

Breathless: a lesson in diagnosis and treatment of occupational respiratory diseases

This lesson presents a practical case in occupational medicine, and is meant for medical students. It guides through the process of proper diagnosis of two different types of occupational lung diseases, related to meat...