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Health, Safety and Environment: A Series of Trade Union Education Manuals for Agricultural Workers

This material consists of a series of training manuals, made for educators of agricultural workers to tackle their health, safety and environmental problems. The manuals do not generally consist of ready-to-use material, but need adaptation (e.g. restriction of the topics, translation into local language, integration of local regulations, usage of examples that meet the participants’ experiences, or addition of the specific needs of the participants). The material merely pays attention to the approach and organization how to handle with hazards at work. Especially the so-called Trade Union’s approach is described in detail. The hazards themselves are listed shortly, but can be elaborated in more detail on initiative of the teacher.

The material is meant as a help for educators. An extensive educator’s guide is added that describes possibilities for preparation, planning, organization (including kinds of activities), and evaluation of meetings with participants.

The material (344 pages) can be downloaded and printed for immediate use.



Original Authors:

Peter Hurst and Peter Kirby

Original affiliation, ownership:

International Union of Food (IUF) and Labour and Society International, respectively; The manual is owned by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Year of publication:


Charge for use or free:

Free of charge


Target group(s):

non-OSH-expert professionals, educators of agricultural workers

Usefulness for non-OSH-expert professionals:

More or less useful for non-OSH-expert professionals in health care or other sectors; or in training

Time demand to complete the lesson or course:

Variable (depending on the topic chosen)


Many hazards are mentioned only shortly. The material covers importantly how to organize the awareness within the various workplaces.
The material presented needs adaptation by the teacher, so that it meets the needs of the participants of the course.

Intellectual property and copyright:

Before downloading, changing, disseminating and/or using the lessons and courses, please look carefully at the conditions given by the authors or owners of the materials related to copyright or creative common conditions or other conditions for the downloading, changing, further dissemination and kind of use of the materials (non-commercial vs. commercial).
In the manual, it is indicated that “Publications of the International Labour Office enjoy copyright under Protocol 2 of the Universal Copyright Convention. Nevertheless, short excerpts from them may be reproduced without authorization, on condition that the source is indicated.” Despite these possible limiting rights on reproduction or translation, the manual can be downloaded freely from the ILO website.

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