General introduction to occupational health. Module 1: Occupational hygiene

Concise description:

This module is the first of a two year course for the Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health. It teaches the principles of Occupational Hygiene at an academic level. It will provide knowledge to become familiar with the discipline of Occupational Hygiene, and will develop special competences in health risk assessment. It will pay attention to such items as hazard identification, exposure limits and standards, measurements and sampling, personal protection, physical risk factors, and ergonomics.

The course is meant for (1) medical doctors currently practicing occupational health, and (2) other university level graduates in relevant health sciences and practicing in an occupational health setting.

The course consists of ready-to-use material that can be used and displayed online or after being downloaded free of charge. The material includes objectives per topic, glossary, legislation, links to relevant other material, references for further reading, movie material, and exercises.

Original Authors:
Prof. Jonny Myers
Original affiliation, ownership:
University of Cape Town, Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Public Health and Family Medicine, Cape Town
Year of publication:
Not indicated
Charge for use or free:
Free of charge
All kinds of risks at work Biological Chemical Ergonomical One OSH core discipline Other topics Physical Psychosocial Risks at work
Target group(s):
  • OSH experts; or in training
Usefulness for non-OSH-expert professionals:
Has to be studied
No. Not for the module, only for whole two year course.
Time demand to complete the lesson or course:
Not indicated. Probably several weeks: the module expects one to read widely and intensively around the topics (these are indicated with help of links and references).

This module and the module for Epidemiology/Biostatistics is part of the two year course for the Postgraduate diploma in Occupational Health of the University of Cape Town. See:

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