Virtual Patients: Lower Back Pain

Concise description:

This Virtual Patients lesson concerns the situation of three workers, coming from Brazil, Chile and Germany, who all suffer from low backpain. During the lesson information is given about all the causing factors of low backpain. Besides, the lesson helps to understand the pathology and meganisms of job control in relation to stress related health problems. Next to this, attention is paid to the explanation of the characteristics of the health care systems of Brazil, Chile and Germany. In total, this lesson consists of 22 cards who contain descriptive texts, multiple choice questions, feedback, and illustrative pictures.

The level of this lesson is advanced and suitable for all occupational safety and health professionals.

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Russ P.
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Clinical centre of the University of Munich Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Munich, Germany
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Free of charge
Employment conditions Manufacturing Mental & Behavioral disorders Musculoskeletal disorders / injuries Occupational and Work-Related Diseases Psychosocial
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  • OSH experts; or in training
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Has to be studied
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1 hour

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