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Violence in the workplace

‘Workplace violence is a serious issue that affects all business sectors and occupations and the safety and security of every employee and employer. This course is offered FREE of charge by CCOHS to promote the awareness of this very important issue, and as a precursor to the other Workplace Violence e-courses: Recognize the Risk and Take Action, and Establish a Prevention Program.’


English, French

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Canadian Centre of OHS. CCOHS courses are unique in that they are developed by subject specialists in the field, and reviewed by representatives from labour, employers and government to ensure the content and approach are unbiased and credible.

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Free of charge


Target group(s):

Workers or managers; or in vocational training, non-OSH-expert professionals, OSH experts; or in training

Usefulness for non-OSH-expert professionals:

Fully useful for non-OSH-expert professionals in health care or other sectors; or in training

Time demand to complete the lesson or course:

1 hour


Topics in this e-learning: What is workplace violence? Behaviours associated with workplace violence. Sources of violent behaviour in the workplace and Workplace violence prevention legislation.
Upon completion of this course you will know: Who is affected by workplace violence. Workplace violence is an important workplace issue. The broad definition of workplace violence with respect to the types of behaviours and the source of the behaviour. The legal obligation of employers have to protect employees from workplace violence.

If you are a worker or front line supervisor and need more information on how to recognize and prevent workplace violence, see Violence in the Workplace – Recognize the Risk and Take Action (not FREE, 1 hour)

If you need to develop and implement a workplace violence prevention program in your organization, see Violence in the Workplace – Establish a Prevention Program (not FREE, 1,5 hours).

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Before downloading, changing, disseminating and/or using the lessons and courses, please look carefully at the conditions given by the authors or owners of the materials related to copyright or creative common conditions or other conditions for the downloading, changing, further dissemination and kind of use of the materials (non-commercial vs. commercial).

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