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This lesson teaches you essential principles about toxicology. Topics like dose and dose-response, toxic effects, physiology, the role of chemicals in body functions, standards and guidelines for environmental and occupational exposure, absorption, distribution and excretion are discussed. In total, ToxTutor contains 15 sections, in which per section included topics and learning objectives are described. Often terms used are explained and regularly supported by examples (written text or videos). In some sections a link to another website is given in order to find additional information about the topic. At the end of each section a knowledge check is offered. You are asked to answer several multiple choice questions which you can check immediately on correctness. For each question, the answers are explained.

When starting the lesson ToxTutor, you go to the 15 sections in chronological order. However, it is also possible to view each section separately. The lesson lasts at least 3 hours. Some basic knowledge about anatomy and physiology is helpful. Acquiring a certificate is only possible when subscribing for the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Used language is English.

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NIH U.S. National Library of Medicine
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Not indicated
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Free of charge
All kinds of diseases Chemical Injury, Poisoning & External causes (e.g. Accidents)
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  • graduate students
  • OSH experts; or in training
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Has to be studied
Yes, is optional after subscribing for the NLM Learning Center
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3 hours at least

The time demands are at least 3 hours but this can be more, dependent on the level of knowledge already present.

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