Occupational Health Safety in Agriculture, Basic Occupational Health Services for informal work in India

Concise description:

Occupational Health, Safety in Agriculture is part of a series of 24 modules on Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS) for informal work. This distance learning module is developed by the Indian Association of Occupational Health, and subsidized by the government of Gujarat, India. It is a YouTube video of 23 minutes.

This attractive module has the aim to raise the level of suspicion in primary health physicians and nurses for work-related causes of diseases in their patients. The main question to ask is ‘What exactly is the nature of your work?’. Effective history taking, inclusive asking occupational history, is essential for a good diagnosis, therapy and prevention.

The large variety of risks at farms is showed followed by mentioning and briefly explaining a large number of occupational diseases (with related specific causes) such as various lung diseases inclusive farmers’ lung, dermatological diseases, green tobacco sickness, burns, cancer, injuries, suicides and mental health effects. The principles of prevention are briefly demonstrated.



Original Authors:
A team of authors of the Indian Association of Occupational Health
Original affiliation, ownership:
Indian Association of Occupational Health
Year of publication:
Not indicated
Charge for use or free:
Free of charge
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing All kinds of diseases Biological Chemical Occupational and Work-Related Diseases Occupational Health Services (OHS) Psychosocial Safety, Accident risk
Target group(s):
  • graduate students
  • non-OSH-expert professionals
  • OSH experts; or in training
Usefulness for non-OSH-expert professionals:
Fully useful for non-OSH-expert professionals in health care or other sectors; or in training
Time demand to complete the lesson or course:
23 minutes

This instructive video module shows work-related medical situations in clear photos and drawings. The text is visible and easy to hear. The language is on the level of medical professionals. The aim is awareness raising. Some occupational diseases are not mentioned such as musculoskeletal and neurological diseases. There are no interactive parts in the video lesson, so using the material in a blended learning situation can activate the participants, increasing the effectiveness.

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