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MOOC: Chemicals and Health

Chemicals and Health is a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) provided by the website Coursera. Through this website you can sign in for this present course, in which you will learn about chemicals, the way people can be exposed, how you can measure chemicals in a body, how it affects your health and also attention is paid to chemicals policy. In the last module of the course case studies, which are based on reality, are discussed.

The duration of the course is six weeks. Every week you will have a workload of approximately 3 hours. In these hours you can listen to lectures, watch videos, read written information and also make some assignments (probably only accessible when you pay a fee) and answer multiple choice questions.

Target group of this course are beginners. Used language is English.



Original Authors:

Taught by: Dr. M.W. Latshaw, B.A. Resnick

Original affiliation, ownership:

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Year of publication:

Charge for use or free:

Some parts are free accessible. If you want to have full access to all parts of the course and desire to receive a certificate, paying a fee is required.


Target group(s):

Workers or managers; or in vocational training, graduate students, non-OSH-expert professionals, OSH experts; or in training

Usefulness for non-OSH-expert professionals:

Has to be studied

Time demand to complete the lesson or course:

6 weeks, 3 hours a week


When you desire to have full access to all modules of the course, paying a fee is required. However, when you cannot afford the fee, Coursera offers the possibility for a financial aid to learners.

Intellectual property and copyright:

Before downloading, changing, disseminating and/or using the lessons and courses, please look carefully at the conditions given by the authors or owners of the materials related to copyright or creative common conditions or other conditions for the downloading, changing, further dissemination and kind of use of the materials (non-commercial vs. commercial).

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