EMUTOM: physics and ergonomics

EMUTOM (European Module for Undergraduate Teaching of Occupational Medicine) Effects of work: physics and ergonomics Concise description This EMUTOM lesson contains educational materials about musculoskeletal health problems e.g. low back pain. It describes the work-related physical risk factors and potential preventive measures for work-related musculoskeletal complaints. After this lesson you understand the difference between work-related […]

EMUTOM physical agents

EMUTOM (European Module for Undergraduate Teaching of Occupational Medicine) Effects of work: physical agents Concise description This EMUTOM lesson is about the physical agents noise, vibration, radiation, temperature, lighting and pressure. For every physical hazard the lesson gives a description of what is known about the physical hazard, what are the health effects and the […]

Virtual Patients: Ergonomics IV. Computer workplace

This Virtual Patients lesson is relevant for medical students and professionals working in health care. After this lesson, you are able to identify the most important ergonomic tips and guidelines about arranging the computer work station (Desk, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Chair…), to define software ergonomics, to assess the ergonomic status of your own computer workplace […]

Virtual Patients: Ergonomics III, Work environment (physical)

This Virtual Patients lesson is relevant for medical students and professionals working in health care. The learning objectives of this lesson are the ability to identify the importance of a healthy workplace environment, to depict 5 or more main components of a healthy working environment, to list 4 major environmental factors in the workplace, to […]

MOOC: Occupational Health in Developing Countries

Occupational Health in developing countries is a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) provided by the website Future Learn. Through this website you can sign in for this present course. Following the course enables you to increase knowledge about topics like occupational health and diseases, risk factors for illness and injuries at workplaces, workplace hazards and […]

Violence in the workplace

‘Workplace violence is a serious issue that affects all business sectors and occupations and the safety and security of every employee and employer. This course is offered FREE of charge by CCOHS to promote the awareness of this very important issue, and as a precursor to the other Workplace Violence e-courses: Recognize the Risk and Take Action, and Establish […]

YouTube: training videos about 22 informal industries in India for Primary Health Care

The Indian Association of Occupational Health has posted 24 YouTube videos on Basic Occupational Health Services for Informal Industry via the Primary Care Ecosystem. These training videos are about 22 informal industries in India; the target group is primary health care. For example, videos pay attention to work history taking, working conditions, symptoms of health […]

Virtual patients in Occupational Medicine

Medical cases in the field of occupational medicine show how physicians, in occupational health or in clinical practice, are confronted with risk factors at work that endanger health. On the website of CASUS, 34 cases are presented in English, 17 cases in Spanish, and 17 cases in German (accessed 30 September 2021). Most cases in […]

Control of hazardous substances

This course describes possible ways of exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace, and the basic steps to recognize and control exposure. Here, the methodologies and technologies available to control exposures and, hence, reduce risks to health are described. A considerable amount of attention is paid to ventilation systems, contamination and personal protection equipment. In […]

Manual en Diagnóstico, Tratamiento y Prevención de Intoxicaciones Agudas por Plaguicidas (Manual on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of acute poisoning by pesticides)

An extensive manual especially developed for the education of nurses, doctors and other primary care personnel in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of acute pesticide poisoning. The manual consists of 9 chapters (modules). The first module discusses the general aspects of pesticides, such as definitions, pest and pesticide classification, use and adverse effects of pesticides […]

Occupational & environmental cancer: recognition and prevention

This module teaches how to recognize occupational and environmental cancer and how to respond to this finding. It is designed for primary healthcare providers (physicians, specialists, nurses) and anyone with an interest in recognizing and preventing occupational and environmental cancer. Insights are provided into how the recognition of cancer risks can lead to prevention. Case […]