Noise – Measurement and its effects

This course teaches the nature and physics of noise, the functioning and structure of the human ear, and effects of noise on people. It is learned how to assess noise risks in the work place and in a general environment. It will teach about noise sources and their control, and about hearing protection. The relevant […]

Basic principles in Occupational Hygiene

This introductory course outlines the principles of Occupational Hygiene. It will provide a basis for recognition, evaluation, and control of, and anticipation on hazards, as may be encountered in the workplace. It will pay attention to such items as human physiology, toxicology, risk factors, sources, risk assessment, standards, and control of risk. The course is […]

Work improvement in neighbourhood development (WIND)

Agriculture is one of the most hazardous sectors of work. Safety and health risks are numerous and diverse: manual handling of heavy materials and loads, strenuous work postures, long and irregular working hours, exposure to extreme weather conditions, pesticides and other agro-chemicals. Further, basic amenities for sanitation and welfare are frequently absent. All of these […]

Introduction to asbestos learning package – An interactive lesson

Introduction to asbestos learning package – An interactive lesson for apprentices about asbestos and its dangers. A single lesson of less than 1 hour duration using a Powerpoint presentation and a task sheet. These explain the dangers of asbestos, the places where it might be found, and what actions are to be taken. The latter […]