EMUTOM: physics and ergonomics

EMUTOM (European Module for Undergraduate Teaching of Occupational Medicine) Effects of work: physics and ergonomics Concise description This EMUTOM lesson contains educational materials about musculoskeletal health problems e.g. low back pain. It describes the work-related physical risk factors and potential preventive measures for work-related musculoskeletal complaints. After this lesson you understand the difference between work-related […]

Virtual Patients: Ergonomics IV. Computer workplace

This Virtual Patients lesson is relevant for medical students and professionals working in health care. After this lesson, you are able to identify the most important ergonomic tips and guidelines about arranging the computer work station (Desk, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Chair…), to define software ergonomics, to assess the ergonomic status of your own computer workplace […]

Virtual Patients: Ergonomics III, Work environment (physical)

This Virtual Patients lesson is relevant for medical students and professionals working in health care. The learning objectives of this lesson are the ability to identify the importance of a healthy workplace environment, to depict 5 or more main components of a healthy working environment, to list 4 major environmental factors in the workplace, to […]

Work and technology on human terms

Work and technology on human terms: a free online course about work environment The course is about how to design work and technology so that these correspond better to human terms. The purpose of this online course is to contribute to safer and healthier workplaces as well as to maintain or improve organisational performance. Target group: The […]

Virtual Patients: Workplace Survey

This Virtual Patient lesson Workplace Survey presents a practical case in occupational medicine and is meant for medical students and physicians-in-training for Occupational Medicine. It guides through and teaches the process of making a workplace survey in the specific situation of a chemical laboratory (however, some information can also be applied in other types of […]

Virtual Patients: Forestry worker with white fingers

This Virtual Patient lesson is a learning case about a forestry worker. He complains about fingers turning white, numbness and problems moving them properly. Besides it unables him regularly to work and causes him pain. Step by step, it is educated how a state-of-the-art diagnosis and tests should be performed. Besides, legal issues and compensation […]

Safety, health and welfare on construction sites. A training manual

This manual instructs a desirable behavior in relation to safety, health and welfare conditions on construction sites. It teaches possible solutions to the problems that one may encounter. It covers many aspects of the work on construction sites, such as: safety organization and management, site planning and layout, excavations, scaffolding and use of ladders, hazardous […]

Ergonomic checkpoints in agriculture

A handbook meant to teach and implement practical actions in rural and agricultural settings to help reduce work-related accidents and illness, improve living conditions and increase productivity. In the book, basic ergonomic principles are applied to achieve typical practical improvements in agricultural and rural settings, particularly in developing countries. The book covers on the following […]

Raising awareness in musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

This lesson raises awareness on the stages of musculoskeletal problems due to physical work. It shows examples in pictures of various situations (mainly in an industrial setting) and gives tips for improvement and prevention. It is designed primarily for workers themselves, and their managers or supervisors. The lesson consists of a free-of-charge online interactive material […]

Manual Material Handling / Manipulación Manual de Cargas

A bilingual (Spanish and English) training module for employers with Hispanic workers. The goal is to increase the awareness that material handling is the cause of a large number of injuries and illnesses. It is learned to identify the most common unsafe material handling practices leading to the injuries and illnesses. The module gives also […]

Ergonomics essentials

This course gives insight into the relation between the working human and his/her workplace, tools, handling of materials, and environment. It will deal with all those aspects that make work easier, more healthy and efficient, if applied in the right way. It will bring understanding why physical work may parallel a risk for health, especially […]

General introduction to occupational health. Module 1: Occupational hygiene

This module is the first of a two year course for the Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health. It teaches the principles of Occupational Hygiene at an academic level. It will provide knowledge to become familiar with the discipline of Occupational Hygiene, and will develop special competences in health risk assessment. It will pay attention to […]