EMUTOM physical agents

EMUTOM (European Module for Undergraduate Teaching of Occupational Medicine) Effects of work: physical agents Concise description This EMUTOM lesson is about the physical agents noise, vibration, radiation, temperature, lighting and pressure. For every physical hazard the lesson gives a description of what is known about the physical hazard, what are the health effects and the […]

EMUTOM Biological agents

EMUTOM Effects of work: biological agents Concise description This EMUTOM lesson has four chapters. In the first chapter biological hazards and risks are generally described and defined. The second chapter is about some specific occupations at risk for exposure to biological agents: health care workers, farmers and outdoor workers. (For a complete picture reference is […]

EMUTOM Toxicological agents and chemicals

EMUTOM Effects of work: toxicological agents and chemicals Concise description This EMUTOM lesson contains the basic knowledge of occupational toxicology, chemical exposures at the workplace and the principles of environmental and biological monitoring. Examples are given on how to manage potential cases of occupational poisoning. After completing this lesson, you will be able to recognize […]

EMUTOM Introduction lesson

General information about EMUTOM EMUTOM (European Module for Undergraduate Teaching of Occupational Medicine) is a (blended) learning module for medical students and ‘people who need to manage or advice’ on work and health topics. EMUTOM contains a syllabus, teaching materials, assignments and self-assessment exercises. In blended format the EMUTOM course takes about 5 days. The […]

YouTube: training videos about 22 informal industries in India for Primary Health Care

The Indian Association of Occupational Health has posted 24 YouTube videos on Basic Occupational Health Services for Informal Industry via the Primary Care Ecosystem. These training videos are about 22 informal industries in India; the target group is primary health care. For example, videos pay attention to work history taking, working conditions, symptoms of health […]

EMUTOM – European Module for Teaching of Occupational Medicine

The material is a 5-day course designed for undergraduate medical students to improve their knowledge of and attitudes to the relation between work and health. The material provides a general introduction, including definitions, descriptions and legal aspects in some European countries. Besides, it teaches the effects of chemical, biological, physical, ergonomic and psychosocial work factors […]