Basic principles in Occupational Hygiene

This introductory course outlines the principles of Occupational Hygiene. It will provide a basis for recognition, evaluation, and control of, and anticipation on hazards, as may be encountered in the workplace. It will pay attention to such items as human physiology, toxicology, risk factors, sources, risk assessment, standards, and control of risk. The course is […]

EMUTOM – European Module for Teaching of Occupational Medicine

The material is a 5-day course designed for undergraduate medical students to improve their knowledge of and attitudes to the relation between work and health. The material provides a general introduction, including definitions, descriptions and legal aspects in some European countries. Besides, it teaches the effects of chemical, biological, physical, ergonomic and psychosocial work factors […]

Occupational health. A manual for primary health care workers.

A training manual describing the major occupational health items (work environment, occupational diseases, ergonomics, psychological factors, accident prevention, health education, epidemiology, and special attention for women and children and small scale enterprises) for primary health care workers, being the target group for education. The manual is divided into modules, starting with objectives that are formulated […]