YouTube: training videos about 22 informal industries in India for Primary Health Care

The Indian Association of Occupational Health has posted 24 YouTube videos on Basic Occupational Health Services for Informal Industry via the Primary Care Ecosystem. These training videos are about 22 informal industries in India; the target group is primary health care. For example, videos pay attention to work history taking, working conditions, symptoms of health […]

Occupational health. A manual for primary health care workers.

A training manual describing the major occupational health items (work environment, occupational diseases, ergonomics, psychological factors, accident prevention, health education, epidemiology, and special attention for women and children and small scale enterprises) for primary health care workers, being the target group for education. The manual is divided into modules, starting with objectives that are formulated […]

Course in Basic Occupational Health Service

This course aims to educate in the principles of occupational health services (OHS) in general, and in the strategies for developing Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS) for primary health care providers. The course consists of the following 7 modules: 1. Introduction to Basic Occupational Health Services, 2. Stepwise development of the OHS system, 3. The […]

A lesson in raising awareness: Making the Occupational Link (secondary care level)

This lesson, designed more or less specifically for the situation in the UK, raises awareness for the possible occupational causes of illnesses. It stresses, interactively, the most common areas of occupational health problems, and possible sources of additional information. In addition, it teaches which questions should be asked to a person with health complaints to […]