Asbestos and other fibers

Concise description:

This free course is meant to enlarge a student’s knowledge of occupational hygiene practice in relation to fibrous dust. The course concentrates on asbestos, but other fibers are also covered. These fibers, such as machine made mineral fibers (MMMF), aramid fibers (Kevlar, Twaron), polyolefin fibers, and carbon fibers, are increasingly used in industry. The course provides understanding of the health risks associated with asbestos and other fibers, and gives also insight into methods of evaluation and control. Besides, practical skills for safely taking samples from bulk materials and for assessing fiber concentrations in the atmosphere are covered.

The material is appropriate for students, who have basic knowledge of biology and chemistry. For teachers, a guideline is added. The course consists of ready-to-use material, that can be downloaded free of charge, printed and displayed. No online interaction is necessary.

Original Authors:
Phil Johns, with help of others
Original affiliation, ownership:
Gully Howard Technical Limited , Portsmouth, UK Owner: Not strictly indicated, presumably: Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA), Nottingham, UK
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Free of charge
Chemical Domains, Instruments and Tools for OSH One OSH core discipline Other topics
Target group(s):
  • graduate students
Usefulness for non-OSH-expert professionals:
Not useful for non-OSH-expert professionals in health care or other sectors; or in training
Examination is an option (examination fee, see website)
Time demand to complete the lesson or course:
5 days

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